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Connecting with Mac OS.

This page applies to all Macintoshes running system 7.5 through to System 8.1.

With regard to networking software Open Transport 1.1.2 and Open Transport PPP version 1.0 should preferably be used.

Both of these are available via download from Apple.

Open Transport is designed to replace the traditional combination of TCP, Apple Talk and other networking protocols into one.

Components needed

Open Transport 1.1 or later available via from Apple via their ftp site.

PPP for Open Transport version 1.0 or later available from Apple via their ftp site.

Open transport 1.1 comes with System 7.5.5 and above and the latest version is also available for download free from Apple.

Make sure that the above software is installed and that the computer has been restarted.

The software installs the following 3 control Panels into the system.

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