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To upload in DOS, follow these instructions - please note, you must upload each file on your site individually. It is a useful process if you don't have an FTP package available and do not wish to download or install one.
Similar instructions apply for other command line interfaces (a Bash shell for example).
Go to the Start menu - Programs - MS-DOS Prompt , and at the C:\WINDOWS prompt type ftp
You should then receive the message:
Connected to 220 homepages FTP server (Version wu-2.4(8) Tue Jan 17 10:30:45 MEST 1995) ready. User ( or somthing similar
Enter your domain name (username) here, press return, and you should see
331 Password required for domain. Password: Enter your password here, and you should then see:
230 User domain logged in. Access restrictions apply.
To access the htdocs folder type
cd htdocs
You can now perform file transfers, for instance, typing the command:
send c:\website\index.html
would transfer the file 'index.html' )Which is the first page a browser will look at), which is in the 'website' directory on your C drive, to the server.
You may also need the following commands.
dir - directory listing
rmdir dirname - remove a directory on server
mkdir dirname - make a directory on server
delete file - delete a file
cd dirname - change directory on server
lcd dirname - change local directory

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